Liquid Metal Consultation

We offer comprehensive guidance about the various applications, possibilities, and finishing of the decorative liquid metal coating. Project specific samples can be provided upon request and the preparation of specifications is supported. We offer over 300 textures. You can discuss all technical details with our experts and artist.
We invite you to come to our showroom to experience the full range of textures, metal colors, and finishes.


Why choose Liquid Metal?

  • Excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces
  • Durable and resistant / hard wearing 
  • Seamless metal skin finish with a natural metallic appearance
  • Takes on the Appearance and properties of real Metal without the weight
  • Fast Drying process – overnight at room temperature
  • Wide selections of metal colors & textures to choose from
  • Customizable to achieve desired metal colors, textures and effects made to your specifications

What is Decorative Liquid Metal and what are the applications?

Almost any object of any given size and shape can be coated with the seamless metal skin in an entirely cold process without any heat applied. The finished surface is composed of up to 95% metal. Depending on the application type, smooth or structured metal coatings with various thicknesses can be generated. Objects finished with liquid metal not only look and feel like metal but also develop a natural patina if a certain design concept calls for an “aged” or “antique” finish. Alternately special oxidation agents can be used to create vintage finishes. The surface can be sealed or left in its natural state on request. Many coatings can be carried out directly, onsite and even on huge surfaces without jointing. Projects can also be made off site in our workrooms. The metal finishes are created by a certified master craftsmen to fulfill all customer requirements.

Unlimited Creativity

This innovative product offers a myriad of stunning effects for exclusive walls and ceilings, as well as fascinating new options for high quality furniture design. It is visually unique, durable and resistant. Liquid metal can be applied to walls, reception desks, furniture, cabinets, backsplashes, tiles,doors, moldings, floors, columns, stove hoods, fireplaces, bars, and so much more. Luxe Surface Design Studio values and strives towards complete customer satisfaction. We are the choice for designers and artists who seek to recreate metallic finishes without the cost and weight of solid metal.