Our Story…

“Sometimes the quickest decisions are the best decisions…”

While living in Germany and running a successful remodeling business Justyna and Mariusz were regularly coming to Naples for vacations. One day in the summer of 2015 while sitting at the beach, realizing that the next day their plane was taking off, they came up with an almost impossible idea...

“Let’s move to Naples!!”

It did not take long. In January of 2016 they arrived with their two kids in Naples, Florida. Coming to a new country they have grown to love, and having no idea what changes they would face, they knew it would be a challenge, but their dreams had come true… When planning a business in Naples they knew that they wanted to do something special, something artistic. They are partners not only in life but also at work.

Mariusz is a talented artisan and master craftsman. He is the artistic force behind all of the beautiful work. Justyna oversees daily operations and projects. She is a color specialist, and works closely with designers and architects while also maintaining a special relationship with her customers to insure their visions are achieved. She holds strongly her European principles of providing excellent customer service and adds that “personal touch“ to all aspects of Luxe Surface Design Studio.

“Our goal is to create a long time relationship with our clients. At the end we would like our clients to be proud of having something that no one else has. We want them to look at our creations and remember us in a positive way.” – Mariusz

About Luxe Surface Design Studio

Luxe Surface Design Studio is a Naples based company specializing in wall and surface finishes. Established in 2016 by a Polish couple named Justyna and Mariusz. Luxe Surface Design Studio has its background in Europe serving clients in many cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw… to name but a few.

Luxe Surface Design Studio is very excited to introduce a new perspective of both, modern and traditional designs that combine craftsmanship with unique European wall materials and finishes. Our designs include countless luxury looks for residential and commercial customers including new leading edge ideas on wall and surface designs.

European artisan craftsmanship and unique materials and finishes create outstanding solutions to walls and multiple surfaces. We are the only certified applicator of MIDAS Metall ® Technology in Southwest Florida. This unique liquid metal technique has over 300 handmade metallic textures which are displayed in our showroom in Design District Naples.

Architects and designers receive comprehensive guidance about the various applications possibilities and finishing of the liquid metal coating. With over 25 years of international experience in design and remodeling we are now expanding to Southwest Florida and the USA offering you the same exceptional service.

Meet Our Artist

Mariusz comes from a long line of family artisans; creativity is part of his DNA.

His European family stems back generations, creating a legacy as wood sculptors, painters, jewelry designers, and master carpenter craftsmen. Starting at the age of 17 when living in Poland, Mariusz began creating wood sculptures and hand-crafted furniture as his first creative outlet. He moved to Germany to follow his own artistic passion as a wood sculptor and master craftsman, further expanding his creative talents working with liquid metal surface finishes. His business soon took off as he worked on projects with talented designers, architects, and discerning patrons.

For the past 25 years Mariusz’s clients have taken him to all parts of Europe - Hamburg, Berlin, London, Paris, and beyond.

Mariusz and Luxe Surface Design Studio is honored to be recognized by Midas Metall as their lead artist and applicator. His work has been showcased at the ICFF Miami 2017 and ICFF New York 2018.